Making a book with your child can be a unique and enjoyable experience for both of you. It could enhance your child’s self-esteem, while providing opportunities to develop his language and fine motor skills. If the book is finished, it should be a memory that is lasting your child and family.

What is an “All About Me” Book?

An “All About Me” book could be made for your child. It really is a book that is special tells a child’s life story. Photographs, or mementos, of special events and milestones can be added to the written book whenever you want. Celebrating your child’s accomplishments is essential him to continue learning because it builds self-esteem and motivates. Finally, creating an “All About Me” book shows your youngster that he is loved, special and unique.

“All About Me” Book Contents

To help you get started, we now have created sections that are several can be included in your child’s “All About Me” book.

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