What You Should Do Right after Getting REACT Scores Once again

ACT scores have been posted! Your teen telephone calls you over and shows you the main score document. Together, people take a look at it as well as, well, how much does this perhaps even mean? Will need to we be celebrating? Should really we often be registering for administration of the test? What are we supposed to do now that received the ratings back? Here are three tips to guide you.

1 ) Interpret

It’s possible you’re wanting to know ‘how wonderful is a twenty-five? ‘ or maybe ‘what gives as a fine score? ‘ Great ideas. Your first step should be to understand what your own personal student’s credit report scoring report indicates on the quickest terms.

Every ACT spot (English, Math concepts, Reading, Science) is have scored on a increase of 1-36. The total (composite) score is available by taking the standard of the four section fares. The average RESPOND score is commonly around 18. A review higher than twenty one means your personal student won above the countrywide average, lesser means under.

Percentiles also can help you discover how your scholar did as compared to other learners who procured the test. The very percentile will be the percent of men and women your scholar scored as compared to. For example , if they happen to be in the 75th percentile, these people scored on top of 75% regarding students just who took the exam. The highest possible percentile is 00%.

2 . Take action

Okay, now you know how your student does compared to other students.

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