Q& Your: THE COLLEGE COOKING PROCESS The other day, I was a guest at #CollegeCash chat on Twits discussing institution preparation the online means that are available for parents and young people. Since definitely not everyone can go these talks or will be active on Tweets, I thought it becomes nice to express the queries and info here on my blog.

Question: If do mothers and fathers start the group prep approach?

  1. Ideally you must start discussing with your learner about the value of an education when they start classes and amp it up on middle the school.
  2. 9th class students ought to pay close attention to training course selection signing up for AP recognizes classes, figures and scientific research.
  3. 9th graders should also begin looking for that AN INDIVIDUAL extracurricular exercise to concentrate on within high school.

Query: What do the thing is as the parent’s role within the college prep process?

  1. Mom and dad should allow the student ‘drive the car’ but go along as a passenger/guide
  2. Parents may help with relationship and gentle memory joggers regarding deadlines
  3. Parents must be there to get advice, aid and inquiries but have a tendency take control of the method

Question: What exactly online gear do you suggest for evaluating colleges side-by-side?

  1. I love Zinch because you can generate a profile, assess colleges and start matched w/colleges and scholarships and grants http://www.zinch.com
  2. You should use the College Board’s tool to compare colleges likewise http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/index.jsp
  3. More sites usually are: http://www.collegeview.com/index.jsp & http://www.collegexpress.com/ & http://www.cappex.com & http://www.collegeconfidential.com

Thought: What internet tools does one recommend pertaining to test prep?

  1. For vocabulary prep, @sheldonwordnerd has the VERY BEST onli

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